The steps to getting your project coated are easy:

  1. Contact us by email, text or phone to discuss the details of your Cerakote® project and get pricing.  You can also request a quote here.
  2. If you like what you hear, we will then email you a Work Order.
  3. Prepare your item for shipment.  Click here for the Firearm Disassembly and Reassembly disclaimer. 
  4. Ship your item to us along with a copy of the signed Work Order.  Click here for shipping information.
  5. Once we receive your item, we will begin working on it, in accordance with our current work load.
  6. Once we have completed your project, we will email you photos for approval. We are not happy unless you are happy!
  7. Once you have approved the finished product, we will email you an invoice, along with payment information.
  8. Once your payment has been received, we will ship your project back to you.

It’s that simple!!  So, don’t wait … Contact us today!