WV Cerakote is a certified Cerakote┬« Applicator only.  We are not a licensed gunsmith or pro-gun shop.  While we will be happy to disassemble and reassemble your firearm for the coating process, we cannot be held liable for the end functionality of your firearm.  Please note that some parts, for example the front sights, will need to be replaced because they are either not reusable, or so extremely tight that they can be easily broken, chipped, or damaged.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO SIGHTS, SPRINGS, PINS, ETC. DURING REMOVAL.

We do take all precautions and use extreme care when disassembling your firearm, but occasionally things do happen that are beyond our control.

If you prefer, you can disassemble your firearm yourself and just send in the parts you want coated.  Complete disassembly is required for the Cerakote process, meaning all bolts, pins, springs etc. are required to be removed. 

It is your responsibility to break down, apply lubrication, check tolerances and insure your firearm is in proper functioning order before use.